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Thursday, August 26, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

While on my Atlanta, GA trip, I knit a scarf of Dale of Norway Ava and some soft, fluffy yarn. Here is a quickie photo – the colors are rather accurate---it is brown and natural tones. I have not knit much otherwise since Atlanta is too appealing not to go around as much as possible. Had my usual French dinner at Anis Café & Bistro which had live music on a Monday! All of the staff are young and from other countries. The food is absolutely splendid. I consider it the best outdoor dining anywhere and I hope to take Mark there when I go back in October for a conference.

We also hit the High Museum of Art, the Under Ground Mall, the Lenox Square Mall and a yarnstore. While it had the huge yarn inventory, there were signs warning shop lifters of security everywhere and a mirror that said, "do not move as it is positioned for security" and it was right by scarves you might want to try on but would be too afraid. The owner was a timid thing -- how could you operate like that? Anyhow, our computer training at the CDC was very good. It was on vaccine management software and is subject to the highest level of security due to the possibility of shipping SmallPox and Anthrax vaccines. Going in and out was airport like with x-rays, bag searches, etc. More blogging to come this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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