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Monday, September 20, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

As Mark has been saying all weekend, “I am glad I married a girl with property on a hill”. My parents had given us the 18 acres for our wedding. Our little town of Evans City flooded and closed Friday night. Since we had no groceries and could not get out, I made salsa from the garden veggies & herbs and thankfully had taco chips. Oh yes, and ingredients for margaritas! All was well with us, although the next day there were chairs, sofas, frigs, washer/dryers, carpets and more set out for collection down town. Today, I have employees out: one lost her water in Washington County for the last 3 days and the other is in Etna cleaning out mud and hoping her house is not condemned like her neighbors.

I finished knitting H.P. #2 and it is blocking. Fringe-Fest tonight. I am half-way done with another scarf that will be a gift. I am making scarves for all the ladies in my family – same yarn (black with red, yellow, blue, green specks) but in different patterns. Not the most exciting knitting, but I do not want to stress when Christmas gets closer.

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