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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

During my yard sale on Sunday, I knit my Kool Aid dyed Colinette 5 Point yarn into a nifty little scarf. I have a trench coat in eggplant purple that matches the purple streak in the scarf perfectly. Aren’t these colors perfect for fall? Rush don’t walk to buy Kool Aid to dye! It was a blast and I plan to do it again this weekend. Just cause, here is another view of the Fall Spectacular Scarf!

The lacey poncho is rolling along too (gift for my niece Bonnie). I will show it tomorrow. I also did about 1/3 of a really bright funky scarf last night (for me, I think...) – also will “show and tell” tomorrow. Yesterday was a beautiful day to drive from Pittsburgh to Cleveland and back. The trees are just beginning to show a change in color, I think the autumn will be very pretty.

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