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Wednesday, September 08, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I cast-on and knit about 25 rows of the 2nd H.P. scarf last night. I need one more ball of the gold to finish it – who would think that Reynolds Utopia (100% acrylic) is hard to find? I goggled for it and it is non-existent on the Web so I called Kathy’s Kreations in Ligonier where I originally purchased the yarn and am waiting to hear. So far, so bad.

I have 11 rows to go on the Leafy Shawl. Now bead shopping is a must. Speaking of beads, I went to a new yarn store all of 2 miles away from my office. “Dyed in the Wool” has no Internet presence and were NOT even in the yellow pages of the local book. I heard by word-of-mouth at the Cranknitter’s S & B.
Coin Purse Kit

Their inventory was small, but the shop was organized nicely with a few focal points. One that caught my eye was a Coin Purse knit on #2 DPNS with Koigu KPPPM or similar yarn. It is the cutest little draw string bag with a flat bottom and a ton of beads. It was very over priced but once you have the pattern, you can use leftover yarns and purchased beads (I had a little sample of KPPPM at home so I picked up a box of beads). At least one will be a gift (for my best friend’s Mom) and if I make several over time as gifts, it will be worthwhile.
My Combo Kit
Compared to my regular LYS, this place is not too tempting. But it will be okay for when I need general supplies or yarns. I also picked up InKnitters magazine that I had not seen before and a Dale of Norway book I have looked at for a while. The shop had a sample of one of the cardies I like from it.
Mick's eyes are more green than this, but he looks cute in his cat bed.

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