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Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I did not get a modeled photo of the leafy shawl last night. I am house/cat sitting. It is an hour commute from work to the house (in Beaver, PA) and another half hour to my house. But when I did get home, there were two packages as a result of my E-Bay wins: Two different spindles (a small travel one and an Ashford), along with sample roving. I wish they would label or tell you what the wools are – I will have to check out the listings. It seems while garments must be properly labeled for fiber content, unspun does not have to be. This is the mini that went to work with me.
H.P. Update: 7 of 19 striped completed.
I signed up for BlogLines yesterday and was surprised to see about 75% of my daily reads list enrolled. This service allows me to know who has new posts instead of checking the same blog that have not posted since, well a long time ago. It will save time and money, always a good thing.

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