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Wednesday, September 22, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News
I finished Christmas scarf #1 which is blocking with the H.P. scarf. I cast on 200 or so stiches, cutting the yarn at the end of each row and fastening on new for fringe as I knit and knit until it was about 4" wide.

I cast on for X-mas scarf #2 which is from the book Exquisite Little Knits by Iris Schreier & Laurie Kimmelstiel. It has three panels, 2 knit vertically and the center knit horizontally. I plan to make it a bit wider than they call for, it is accomplished by picking up stiches.

I swatched some home spun I bought at the Fiber Fest – it is a natural chocolate brown wool. I tried #8, 10 and 11 needles. The fiber looked best on #11, to show off that it was home spun. The other were tight and just did not make the yarn stand out. With this home spun yarn, I plan to make this cardigan from Rowan #32 called Little Trees but with my own Fair Isle design in a natural wool (I have 5 skeins of brown and 1 of natural to use). It will need a new name, something like “snow flake”, “abstract design”, or whatever shape I decide upon. I want a simple design above the hem’s ribbing. This will be the first thing I start after Christmas knitting (and hopefully finishing Ava and Ingeborg).

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