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Tuesday, September 07, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I finished knitting my first Christmas gift, a scarf-shawl of Fiesta Yarn’s Gelato in Poppy. I plan to add beading along the edge either via a crochet chain or fringe—just need the beads. I am starting a list of Christmas knitting which means my knitting will screech to a crawl. If I can finish these three things (all works in progress and at least 50% complete or more) by Christmas for me, I will be happy:
1. Ava
2. Ingeborg
3. Leafy Shawl

Most of my holiday weekend was spent spinning this angora (white) with a trace of wool (mint green). I think I will knit a lap throw/shawl to keep at my office for chilly days. My spinning is becoming more uniform by the hour. I have not plied yet and will probably use this yarn as a single.

I have a bag of the same except it is white with cotton candy pink. I keep it in paper not plastic with a kitty bag clip.

This is my first spindle of wood – my beginner's spindle is a CD which I am still using. I would like to get more spindles so I can spin different yarns and not have to unwind them to switch.

After knitting daily for almost four years, I have finally broke down and purchase the set up for winding balls. I really decided the time it takes to wind by hand is no longer worth it.

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