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Thursday, September 09, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

There is not much new on the knitting front. Just an offer of these items for trade (a ball of yarn to try would be great):
• Knitter’s from Summer 2003 and
• Knitting – New for August/September 2004.
The other two are pamphlets I picked up for free at my LYS. One is a Plymouth Yarn Girl’s Striped Twin Set. I liked it a lot but do not feel like reworking the sizes. The other is four intarsia patterns for cats! Email your requests to me.

This afternoon I had a conference call meeting regarding new software. I was naughty and bid on a couple of spindles on E-Bay and won both. It is a terrible thing when you have your credit card # memorized and are a “shopaholic”. Although one can leave the plate at home and not be tempted mall shopping, on-line shopping is soooo easy. At this rate, my charge may be paid off by February of 2005.

I now own my first Ashford drop spindle and a “Learn to Spin” kit.

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