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Tuesday, October 26, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I have been negligent in thanking a certain someone for a gift. Here is the front and back cover of New Directions in Fair Isle Knitting by Patty Knox sent to me by Karen. I adore her surprises and they are a bright spot in my life. If you can see cover, there is a row of bumble bees. My powder room is decorated in a beehive and bumble bee theme. I am already thinking of how to incorporate a bee or two into a knitted item. (Imagine a bee on a sweater where the alligator would usually be on the breast.) Karen pointed out a Woolly Bag that uses the pattern on the back along with a pair of leg warmers. True confession: I had three pairs of leg warmers in the early 80’s -- ala Flash Dance. I still remember the colors: light denim blue, gray-mauve and black with gold speckles.

Now for actual knitting in progress: This is a scarf of leftover H.P. yarn and Crystal Palace Squiggles. To echo the squiggles, I have done i-cord fringey squiggles on the end. I have no clue what I will do with this scarf – yellow is so not me. But I keep thinking in the middle of winter when it is the dreariest, it might brighten things up when I walk up the driveway or shovel snow.

This is Freda, the mini poncho kit, from the Rowan subscription with gift. The funny thing is I have this same color Rowan Cork to make Reveal from Rowan 35, I think it is. The squiggle theme is also alive on it, although instead of i-cord, you cast on x number of stitches and immediately cast them off to make the squiggley fringe. Shows the state of my mind?

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