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Tuesday, November 30, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I have lots of finished knit goods to show this week. Christmas started early on Saturday when my family had our Thanksgiving Holiday. This is my niece Bonnie opening an early gift.

I will start with the piece’ de resistance, the Lacey Poncho (from ChicKnits). It is an impressive lace pattern. I used Paton’s lace weight yarn from a cone and have enough to make myself a duplicate! The color is elusive, a pink-lavendar-gray. I do not know a name for this shade.

I modified it to fit a petite as my sister Corinne and Bonnie are 5 foot tall and slender. This entailed casting on fewer stitches to meet my dimensions and the pattern repeat. The number of rows remained the same.

Also in the box were my homemade sachets (I will show later this week). I purchased cedar chips at the pet store for a pittance and the satin draw-string bags at a craft store. The cost per bag is about 50 cents. Everyone who receives my hand knits for Christmas will also get sachets. I have ¾ of the cedar left (it was a 5 pound bag). I plan to put it about as pot potpourri and make some larger trunk/closet size sachets.

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