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Friday, December 17, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Bowie is so sweet. Sometimes I tell him he is as sweet as cotton candy and I could just eat him up. Plus he is fluffy like cotton candy. He has so many knick names: Bow Bow, Bobali (as in the pizza shell), fluffy, the wondercat (when he flies through the air), Honey Bow, Bunny, and others.

I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living magazine and the January 2005 issue is a good one. There is an article on Churro sheep, the sheep of the Navajo culture on page 25. There is also an article called “A Good Yarn” described as:
Warm up: Invite friends over to cook, chat, and knit. With recipes for French-lentil and kielbasa stew, thyme-cheddar twists, and ginger-pear hand pies.

There are several other fiber art projects in this issue. Have you seen how many bow belts and accents are shown this season. Martha has a velvet-ribbon belt that looks both easy and elegant. I cannot wait to get a Michaels/JoAnn Fabrics fix.

Love how all of the home magazines are encouraging us to knit and eat! If I have to make food, there is less time to knit! But the photos are lovely and the recipes yummy. Would someone give me the gift of time this holiday season?

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