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Friday, December 03, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

My S ‘n B group, CranKnitters, celebrated Christmas last night. Lynn, our hostess, along with her cats Abner (that is him in front of the fire) and Itchy, served appetizers, deserts, egg nog and wine in front of a blazing yuletide. The grab bag was great fun and the knitting cozy.

My gift was from Lynn, who hand stamped the box and card. Inside were tiny knitting trinkets including her own design of stitch markers. I can just see the need for these critters when I start Charlotte’s Web.

It has been all about scarves lately, as Christmas gifts and for me! Here is a sampling. This is two yarn held together. The one (see close up), I call butterfly. This had been a triangle scarf but did not drape well. So it got frogged and reknit. Now it is a wonderful scarf to wear and it does not languish on the shelf anymore.

This is a little pink fluffy collar to tuck inside a coat.

This matches my felted red bucket hat from last year. It is so soft – a combo of fine merino wool and silk.

This was a sale ball of yarn. I added a slit since it is short. I can see it as a beat around scarf.

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