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Wednesday, January 05, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

I am knitting on a Project from Rowan Denim People using Peruvian Wool that I purchased from It is nice wool for the price ($2.25). I have used about 12 balls and only one had a problem with knots. More details to follow as I am actually in the finishing stages: currently knitting on the collar, blocking the sleeves and looking for a two-way zipper. It will probably be completed this week except for the zipper.

In the meanwhile, I want to introduce you to a story of two spinning wheels. Lisa, from my CranKnitters group, offered me a spinning wheel that was in the attic of a family member cause I am the only spinner she knows at the moment. Although I have only drop spun, not spun on a wheel (yet). It is sans many pieces but it was a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

Especially since there is a spinning wheel in my family that I never expected to inherit, but while caring for my dad that changed. My sister, Kitty, mentioned it would be nice if the wheel would not go to my brother but to a woman in the family that might actually be able to use it. It is only missing the bobbin, essentially. And it needs oiled and restrung and a couple of other minor repairs.

The happy ending is that my great-grandmother Grater’s wheel now keeps Lisa’s wheel company. Great-grandma’s daughter married into the Waldron family which was my maiden name – and previously Von Waldron. Don’t these wheels look happy together? To be continued tomorrow: The Story of Great Grandmother Larkin's Drop Leaf Desk!

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