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Tuesday, January 18, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

I have not pulled out the sewing machine to finish Louis, yet. And the zipper is en route so I will probably wait to finish this zip cardie until it arrives.

Meanwhile I am starting the arm holes on Ebony, from Rowan 24 (cast on January 11, 2005). It is made of Rowan Magpie Tweed in a dark charcoal gray with burgundy, moss and turquoise flecks. I love the yarn; it is warm without weight and soft, yet structured. I think it is discontinued; mine was from E-bay. I went down a needle size to get the gauge (from 7 & 8 US to 6 & 7 US).

Tonight is the Cranknitter’s S & B at B& N. Although the temp with wind chill was--like--negative 13 degrees today, I have cabin fever and want to get out! Of course our temps are not as bad as the mid-west where it was 54 degrees below!

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