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Monday, January 31, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

I have several topics to blog about…should I throw them all out here or stagger over the week? Just in case it gets hectic this week, here I go: I am taking up the challenge made by Karen . What is is? Answer: Learn to crochet and stop whining about it (me whining, not Karen). As she said, “I learned from a 49¢ pocket book from the supermarket checkout stand…if I can do it, you can too.”

I know how to chain and have trimmed my knitting with some type of join (I just don’t know the lingo for what I do). I have often said a granny square is my goal so I am going to just do it (with the help of the book Karen sent, “Take Up Crochet” by Sue Whiting. By February 14th, I would like to have my first crochet item! A deadline always makes me get to it. (Notice I did not decide what that item is as of yet.)

After all, I learned to drop spin, didn’t I? The proof positive is in my first scarf made from my homespun (angora and wool). The variegated color range is not as dramatic or noticeable as in the photo – it blends more subtly. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting on the go Scarves! The triangular scarf is described as “turn-of-the-century elegance.” It does remind me of a scarf that a person in Colonial Williamsburg might have worn. The pattern is well suited to my first home spun which is a thick-n-thin. I love it and plan to wear it over a lemonade yellow colored tee and jeans when spring hits. I have the perfect little pin in the teal green to pin it with (the pattern can be draped, knotted or pinned in front).

Finally, a dilemma for you to solve as I purchased two copies of the same Rowan book, Vintage Knits.. It cost $19.95 US. Does anyone want to buy or trade? I will pay shipping for either. It was definitely a blond moment (no offense intended). I looked through it last Wednesday and keep thinking, these patterns look sooo familiar. Last night, I was going through the last of my knit books and unfortunately found the first copy. I am bummed as I was on a budget and had it shipped to my office, just so I could sneak it into the house. Karma is paying me back.

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