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Friday, January 28, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

Knitting socks is an all or none proposition. That is, either you love to knit them or you don’t. I don’t. My first sock needs the toes completed and a mate. Why don’t I like them? Because you get one done and you cannot wear it. They remind me of sleeves---you need two. But with sleeves, I knit both at once and get around that feeling. If someone could present a way to knit two socks at once, I might reconsider. But I don’t do socks. Additionally I like knee socks, not calf-high. Which would mean an extra ball (or two) and that would increase the cost. My knee socks come from Target in January at a cost of two or three dollars. They are wool, merino or angora blends. They do the job for when I wear slacks to work with dress boots.

Which leads me to baby/tots/children’s knits…I don’t do them. I cannot see putting the time into a garment that will be grown out of and the “heirloom” concept (i.e., passing the item along to a sibling/cousin/etc.) is a fancy word for hand-me-down. As a kid with two older sisters and a cousin, I hated it.

What else is there that I will not knit? Answer: Gloves and mittens, with the exception of fingerless which have many practical applications. I usually wear leather with a thinsolate or cashmere lining.

Driving in a slippery glove/mitten is not comfortable. As far as outdoors go, I wear ski gloves since they are warm AND dry. Again, knitted hand coverings get damp. I adore the beautiful patterns that are stranded knitting – they look like works of art. If I made a pair, they would be just that…an item to look at, but never to be worn. Blogs featuring these artifacts are wonderful…I live vicariously through others.

Those are my three will-not-knits. It would take exceptional circumstances to get me to reconsider.

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