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Wednesday, January 12, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

Soon after Dad gave me the spinning wheel that had belonged to his grandmother, my mom gave me a drop leaf desk that belonged to her grandmother (my great). Mom lived with her grandmother during the depression. There was a sign at the railroad by her house that a kind lady lived there. She feed many drifters peanut butter sandwiches with a glass of milk.

Instead of purchasing this desk, my great grandmother traded a lamp and another piece of furniture for it. It sat by my Dad’s reclining chair all of my life and was not used as a desk. Here you can see inside, I stash all of my stationary, gift tags, tablets and miscellaneous fun stuff. The drawers contain most of my knitting magazines. I have a chair to go with it that has a crewel work seat done by my great-aunt Esther who lived in Oklahoma during the depression. My mom lived with her for a while as a child, also. The chair was Dad’s as a child and he cut out some of the rungs on the back. I will show it soon; I would like to clean the embroidery and wood.

I have been knitting and have a couple of finished objects. For now something very small. This bracelet is an i-cord of a metallic yarn. The heart charm and closure are from Michaels. It is dressy and sweet.

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