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Tuesday, January 25, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

This is Sally Melville’s Einstein coat, in Peruvian Highland Wool Chunky (redwood). I started it last weekend and made a great deal of progress during the Steeler’s game. It is not perfect due to the Brut Korbel that I drank (the entire bottle?) but I really like how it flies. I am about 15 rows from done on this panel. Although it is a simple garter, the construction, using slip stitches to reinforce seams and picking up stitches rather than sewing panels at the end, makes it unique. It appears to be rather well liked on the web -- if you google Einstein coat, there are a lot of hits.

It is a birthday gift for my sister; I plan to eventually make my other sister, mom, niece and me the same. At the rate it knits up, it will be no problem having it ready for March 21st. Sally’s garments were even nicer in person than in her photos. The pictures in her books are very nice, but her work was more spectacular when you could see/touch the yarns. I also finished the back of my latest cardie: Ebony and made it through the pocket of the left front. I was going to make a fake pocket but since I had never knit one, decided I needed the learning experience. (Thanks Jane for asking whether I was a pocket novice? The zipper I ordered for Louise clashed so it is back to the web. I am only a zipper away from a FO!

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