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Friday, January 14, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

Today is show and tell – I have actual knitting to present! To start: This is Louis from Denim People, the yarn is Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in a perfect Mid Indigo Heather. The denim material is from an old pair of jeans and will form the cuffs and elbow patches. My one revision to the pattern was to do the collar in stockinette rather than rib. It is folded in half and sewn to the inside to make a stand-up collar, a very nifty feature. Today I will order my 20 inch 2-ended zipper. It will probably be navy as this size is hard to find.

Next is my free gift from Rowan, the Freda Poncho in Calmer. While I was not crazy about the decreases and would do them differently next time, blocking did a lot to help the material. It still needs a ribbon for an accent. The trim is very pretty and I liked this lace pattern.

Finally, a swatch of Sabrina (75% wool, 25% acrylic): I ordered this yarn from Elann to make Sally Melville’s Einstein Coat. But I do not like this yarn in garter stitch for a cardie, stockinette is dressier. Now I have 15 balls and no pattern. What to do with it? I either need a pattern or to make a trade – the value is about $40. The colors are nice: a camel, gold, toffee brown, tangerine and fuchsia pink. These shades would look good on me (this coat was intended for my sister). I order more Peruvian Wool in their chunky version (Einstein is knit on a #10 US with a gauge of 13 stitches by 13 rows). I had bought myself a color redwood in the worsted weight and really liked the shade. My sister’s birthday is March 21st so I hope to knit quickly. I do have a backup gift in the event I am still in project mode.

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