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Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Another online knitting magazine hit the web, Spun.. I thought it was an e-zine for spinning (cause of the name…) and was disappointed to find it was knitting. Seriously, I am ready for an online crochet or spinning mag…are you?

Since I am stuck on finishing several projects, so rather than start another one, I have been destashing a skein or two at a time by knitting purses to be felted. Crochet is occupying more of my time. (It does not help when you have someone encouraging…coaching…bribing you from the sidelines.) Note the two free form crochet books… Karen is to blame for feeding this fire.

Not that I need encouragement…today I went online to Woodland Woolworks to order a felting needle starter kit and fiber for needle felting. I want to use it on the felted purses. Also, I want to take the crochet flowers I have been using as practice and try to felt them. Has this been done and does it work out well?

This blog has grown past knitting although knitting is most certainly my first fiber love. Drop spinning (including fiber preparation), dying, crochet and needle felting are all signs of my path to fiber arts. As such, I think it is time for me to join a new ring (other than the knit ring and knitting kitties). Spinning wheels and looms will have to wait for a while till life settles (like a year or so). Multi-tasking makes life interesting. So happy knitting/spinning/crocheting!

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