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Monday, February 28, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Fiber it is, after a field trip to Silver Cloud Alpaca Farm on Saturday. This special field trip was arranged by Jane! She presented me with an alpaca book marker she knit as a remembrance of the day--details are posted on her blog. Last week I was also gifted with a hand knit scarf by a co-worker. These are the first two items that I have not knit for myself but received from other knitters. What a special feeling these hand created gifts give me.

Helen and Jim have about 45 lovely alpacas, each with a name and personality. These sweet creatures were a combination of curiosity and shyness. Jane and I would love to give a home to a pair of these fiber animals…someday. We both are country girls and this is not an impossible dream, except for the expense...

On Sunday, I felted five bags and they are drying. My biggest lesson learned:
• Cascade 220 felts ten times better than Brown Sheep’s Lambs Pride worsted! I have read about this but in person, it really hits. Unfortunately my LSY does not carry Cascade 220, but it could easily be obtained from trips and on-line.

I will have more photos tomorrow: the bags, scarf, bookmark and best of all…fiber spun from pencil roving that I purchased from alpacas I actually know! I learned that there are 22 colors and let me tell you, the two colors that I bought spun very differently. I will talk about this tomorrow. Can you tell I had a very productive weekend?

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