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Thursday, February 17, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

Ann, a reader and new knitter, emailed to ask me about the felted bags that I am currently cruising through (on #3 and have only been knitting them for 7 or 8 daysThese are the patterns I am using for inspiration. All the yarn is leftover stash – no purchase allowed (see possible exception for last bag on the list).

On the net:

Buttonhole Bag

Fulled Lopi Tote

Sophie See Christine’s version that is inspiration! This is the bag above with proposed crocheted elements to felt and add.

Elle’s Felted Handbag (it is also a Fairisle herringbone pattern)

French Market Bag

Special Companions mini bag designed to fit business cards (a larger version is for purchase).

The awesome Knit Your Own Fry Up! bag.

My favorite Kureyon Felted Bag by Boog J! I made two in succession – was it last year? Or the year before?

Alex’s Felted Purple Trapezoid Clutch is a slow loading pdf file but a sweet purse.

Purchased from Trends : Night on the Town and Party Purses (started knitting on the town last night in bright yellow).

My final comments on felting bag ----the most awesome bag of all____the Flower Basket from Vogue Knitting Winter 2004/05. It is currently is a knit-along project. I love this pattern, but the question is what outfit would I carry it with? I think I have a dress and shawl that I would like to match it to, so it may be in my future if I can find the right shades of yarn. In any case, it would just make a lovely household decoration.

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