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Friday, February 04, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

It is not all knitting news today. At lunch I crocheted! I practiced stitches such as the slip stitch and treble stitch by using Karen’s How To book.

Then using a pattern from “I Can Crochet” (yes, a book of 9 “groovy” crochet projects for preteen girls), I made it through my first pattern, a friendship bracelet although I did not add the decorative beads. In this pattern, I did the regular single crochet, half double crochet and chain stitch. I want to try a granny square in the worst way!! It is fun although these photos are nothing to brag about.

I am almost done with my first sleeve on the Einstein Coat, just one more to go and the collar. It should be done by next weekend; although it will need the perfect buttons. I had an email that my zipper for the Louis cardie has been shipped from Seattle. If I get that today or tomorrow, I might have a FO! After Einstein and Louis, it is back to the Ebony cardie. I want to put together an agenda of knitting for this year, including birthday knits for family and the office, accessories and sweaters. I'm still getting all of my stash and wish list items in order. For 2005, I am committed to knitting down my stash/wish list and not adding more yarn unless it is very unique, such as hand-dyed, etc.

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