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Wednesday, February 09, 2005  

Today’s Knitting News

Three WIPs (soon to be only one!!!!):
Rowan Ebony: Look ma, no hands or in better words: my first pockets. (Knitting them, that is.) This It is a u-cable cardie with pockets—that is the pocket flapping in the wind. The back is done and this is the left front.

Einstein Coat for my Sister: I am done knitting except for the collar. Tonight I can finish seaming (all of two seams) and pick up stitches. I have less than a ball of yarn left (should have had two but consider myself lucky to have any). Fortunately this pattern can also go sans (without) the collar. The fun part is coming: picking button!!!

Louis Zipped Cardie with Denim Embellishments: I seamed in the last couple of nights and decided to move the elbow patches. They are too far down and to the front. Now I see why the pattern called for waiting AFTER seaming. I still have a zipper to shorten and sew in. And a little finished (sewing) on the denim cuffs. The sleeves are long, like sleeves with fingerless gloves. It will be neat when it is chilly.

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