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Friday, February 18, 2005  

Today’s News
Snow…a lot of snow…totally unexpected snow. In other news, Jane posted a really great pattern – I saw the finished product and these coasters would make the nicest gift! Or a perfect place to set one’s own cocktail.

Although this is a Fiber Trends pattern that has a name, I have rechristianed it “The 24 hour bag” because it only took a day to knit (let’s disregard the fact it and two other bags still need felted). Again made of leftover Brown Sheep Worsted and Noro Kureyon.

Oh yes, there is spinning news, too. Here is what is on my spindle. I wish I could tell you the fiber but I have a fatal flaw. I did not label my fibers so I have no clue. It is definitely wool and long hairs and reminds me of Lamb’s Pride Brown Sheep worsted. Along with anonymous fibers, I also have one other flaw. I swatch and do not write down the needle size with which I matched gauge. So a month or more later, I have no clue what to use on the actual project. I am getting better at this as I have re-swatched too many times. Now to improve my fiber identification…

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