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Tuesday, March 15, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News
Last night I frogged the shoulder of the left front of Ava and reknit it to match the back. I have the right front cast-on and plan to have a go at it. This is the only piece I need unless I decide to shorten the sleeves (again), but I am seriously thinking the sleeves might be okay. Ava will make a perfect spring sweater.

Today at lunch I swatched for the Rowan shawl, Birch. There is a stockinette version and a garter version. By far, the stockinette is more attractive to me. When I get home, I will need to find out what the lace cast-on is so that I can get those 299 stitches on needles. I did chart the pattern in Excel to be ready-to-go.

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