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Friday, April 01, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News
Do you know what is standing between me and Ava? Answer: A twisted cord to thread through the front. I had to unravel my swatch to finish Ava (she called for 10 balls of wool-cotton and she ate all of them). I have a few strands left to twist but I have never done a twisted cord so I need to look up instructions. With so little to work with, trial and error is NOT an option.

I finished the sleeves of Ebony so all this cabled cardie needs is blocked, a collar and button band knitted and finishing. Oh, and buttons (always a fun part of finishing). Is it evil to feel that the cold front returning to our area is a good thing because I want to wear Ebony?

Jane went yarn shopping yesterday and is still giddy from the yarn fumes. She is happy I gave in to yarn lust in DC. Since she did her show-n-tell, it is my turn. I went into Yarns Internation with the intention of just getting patterns, specifically Rowan’s Classic Café and Garden books along with any new mags.

Much like Jane, I feel and hard…I found these colorful cotton skeins first and loved the trio together. I plan to CROCHET (yes Karen) a spring scarf. The yarn is Mano Del Uruguay’s Manos Cotton Stria, a kettle-dyed yarn. It is so a soft cotton and fluffy like cotton balls. Not unyielding like many cottons.

My second temptation was Filatura Ke Crosa’s Brilla. It looks like sherbert and I want a flitty tank top. This yarn is 42% cotton and 58% viscose. The sheen is very silky.

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