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Friday, April 22, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

It is official! I am now a “crocheter” as I have finished my first project. I like to call this free form crochet scarf, “the garden of Eden without the snake”. It is a soft springy cheerful scarf. Crochet directions do not talk a lot about finishing, specifically pressing or blocking. I wet the scarf and re-shaped the flowers and they obtained more body. I am thinking of trying a spray starch or even an old fashion liquid starch if I decide this scarf is too flip floppy. Although it may be fun flip floppy, I just don’t know.

Although my niece, Bonnie’s birthday was in March, I just finished her hot pink skull cap. She did get other gifts already so I plan to put this one in the mail to her. I am very please with it (translation: I want one!)

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