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Tuesday, April 12, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News
Spring fever hit and fiber fun took a dive this weekend. The crochet scrumbles are coming in handy because you can knit one in a short time; the pattern is easy to remember and there is the high of a finished flower or leaf.

Speaking of scrumbles, look at the terrific surprise gift that I received from Karen! She knit with beads and a copper wire. What is it you ask?

A scissor fobe that is both decorative and practical. You know how scissors like to hide because they are flat? No more! What Karen did not realize is that I am considering a birthday gift. The day after tax day (that is April 16th to non-Americans). The year I was born, it feel on Good Friday and Mom did not come home until Monday. My two sisters and brother did not get their Easter baskets of candy and my name has been mud ever since.

I am finishing Ebony – I need to finish the pocket on the right and add sleeves. I also found two buttons I like.

The really cool thing is that I might use Button Pins instead of sewing the buttons on. Per La Mode’, “Change buttons on a whim! Instead of sewing, attach buttons with button pins to remove easily before cleaning. Embellish garments by pinning buttons on collars, cuffs and lapels. Decorate bags, caps, etc.”

It is just a goofy little pin (like the small gold ones) except with a bend. It is crazy for me to think how much fun I will have trying to use these things. I am easily amused for $1.20.

This is an enamel Italian button that picks up really nicely on the flakes. It would also be fun to coordinate the enamel colors with whatever I wear underneath.

However,if I do not want the button to be the focal point of my outfit; these button blend since they are an open grid. Both sets of buttons have curves that echo the cables. Very deep, huh?

It is hard to picture wearing my wool cabled cardie as Pennsylvania weather jumped from winter to summer without the cool and pleasant spring. It may be finished and sit until fall…I hope NOT! I need to begin a summer cardie; I just have to decide if I want to knit one in red, white or chocolate brown…I have a couple of other colors but these are the ones that grab me.

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