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Tuesday, May 24, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

The I Do Shrug is progressing now that I that I am in the groove with the pattern. It is a lace repeat that becomes easier if not quite remember-able. I wish I could block it to show the lace more. The colors alone (sherbet colors of pale pink, ivory, sky blue and limeade) make it a stand out piece. My only issue is that I can only focus on one to two repeats before tiring of it and wanting to move along faster. I googled to see who else might be knitting this item and found a knit-along. It has been over a year since I was part of an official knit-along (Ingeborg which is still a WIP). Although I have not joined, there are several helpful tips. With a group, problems come to the surface more quickly and are less stressful to resolve. The best tips came from Amy at Needles and Hocks.

So for a quick knit, I swatched and cast on for a tank top last night (#15 needles) with Berroco Zen . Since there is no shaping except for the arm holes, this is going a bit quicker. Zen can catch the needle a little, but it is the yarn that makes a simple pattern go pop. This is not as gray as it appears, there is a silver shimmer to it. I have used this yarn twice before for shawls/scarves that are perfect for summer wraps.

I am heading out to knit tonight at Beechers Gelato and Coffee in Zelienople. It is an impromptu with Jane at an adorable local coffee shop (LCS?).

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