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Wednesday, May 18, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Last night at my S & B, we reminisced about when we learned to knit. I knew when and why (January of 1988 because of being home-bound for a couple of months to recuperate from surgery), but I could not remember the name of the lady who taught my how. I know that is bad, but I will blame the pain killers.

That changed last night when a staff person from my LYS, Sandy, mentioned she knew the lady (based on the date and locale of the shop). Ta-da: Cathy Boyle was my teacher! I hope to get an email address for Cathy who now lives in Florida. What a great blast from my past.

I finally have one repeat completed on the “I Do” shrug from Knitty. The directions for decreasing are not entirely clear as they need to change for each row. That caused two false starts and I almost bagged the pattern. Not only did the decreases get me down, I’m making yarn-overs on dpns. A new day brought a fresh perspective so now I just play each row by ear for decreases focusing on what number do I need.

This week I have been organizing my staff, basically making an inventory and noting what Project the said yarn is intended for. At this time, I have catalogued 55 projects. I think that I will be avoiding yarn shopping just for a while…like until I can weed it down to, I don’t know, three dozen or so projects? Or maybe if I get a spinning wheel, I can only spin my own for the remainder of the year. I did have warnings last night that instead of bags of yarn, bags of roving accumulate…

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