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Thursday, May 12, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Long time, no blog. But knitting galore! Today, at lunch, I finished Birch and posed this shawl of KidSilk Haze on the railing in our office courtyard. Notice the beautiful spring azalea. Pennsylvania’s spring flowers have been absolutely marvelous. Birch still requires a couple of ends woven in and blocking to finish. My cat, Bowie, loves Birch. He kneads the yarn like it is his mommy and then he gives it a playful nip. Then I tell him, ‘NO! Don’t bit it.” Then he gets offended and jumps on the back of the couch. It is too cute, a cat in love with Rowan’s KidSilk Haze. I will have to make him a catnip mouse from the leftovers…

One of my favorite things is gifts (who doesn’t like them?). At my last S & B, Jane gave me this flower pin for mother’s day (my kitties count!). I was wearing my Grace cardie in green which matched perfectly. In October, Jane and I are having a table at the Mars, PA Applefest. We plan to meet in June to plan our goods.

I also received a belated birthday gift from Karen (no photo yet but I will put one up—you just have to see it!). It looks like a swatch or a wash clothe being a square. The unique stitching creates three bars that I can thread my crochet hocks through to keep orderly! It is so nifty!!

This Saturday, I am taking the first of three spinning wheel classes at Yarns Unlimited, Sewickley. Each class is two hours (total of six) and includes use of a wheel, fiber and instruction. I am looking forward to trying out a couple of different wheels as this is a wish list purchase. There are seven of us signed up – my favorite number – so that is a good sign.

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