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Monday, May 02, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

My Sony Clie died a slow death and has been replaced by a PalmOne Zire72s (Only because Sony is out of the handheld business-- we have a Sony camera, laptop, Memory Stick Reader and a bunch of MSs.) Before it died, my data took a hike so I am recreating my calendar, my address book (had a hard copy thankfully), memos, to-dos, my check book ledger, my vault for user ids and passwords and much more.

The Zire has a digital camera which I have tried for the first time with my knitting. I will be giving my Sony Cyber Shot to Mark soon, so I am hoping this digital works out. Although, I am eyeballing the digital/printer combos out there! And since the Zire is not a high resolution digital, I will use it as back-up not my as my first choice.

This is Rowan’s Birch Shawl in KidSilk Haze – a color called Candy Girl that is discontinued. The pattern is an eight row repeat and easy to do. The yarn takes a bit of getting used to and requires your full attention. It has been likened to dental floss with fuzz.

There was a Birch Knit-Along after the pattern was first published. If you surf the knit ring now, you will see many Birch shawls in progress or recently started/finished. It is a true, classic pattern that will never go out of style. I really enjoy seeing all of the colors of Birch.

BTW, I wanted to mention more about the pins for buttons -- first, here is a description of the product, "These specialty pins are laundryproof, won't rust or corrode. Button 10 pc-These button pins are nickel-plated steel. Makes buttons removable and interchangeable. Just insert pin from wrong side of fabric through shank of button and out back of fabric." These pins work only with shank buttons, not those with they are odd in that the bend does not go inside the shank, the flat side is there. The bend is on the outside of the shank of the button.

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