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Monday, May 23, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

On Friday, I had a chance to practice spinning at my LYS, Yarns Unlimited. This is a photo of the lounge. There is another sofa and two chairs to the right of the door. As it is on the third floor with a big window, the light and view is very nice.

I had the place to myself for three hours and was able to try spinning different yarns and just played around with my dream wheel. This is the one I want, the Ashford Travelers and plan to order before our classes are done.

At home, over the weekend, I set the twist in several yarns (drop and wheel spun). They looked lovely drying in the sun by the Sweet Woodruff (an herb). Most of my time was spent organizing yarn. I packed two bags for my buddy Jane to go through; we are having a table of knitwear this fall at an Apple Fest.

I knit a little on the I Do Shrug. It is moving along nicely. I finished my Rowan Paper and Print Tank but need to sew it together. It is quite artistic – it will be up before the end of the week. Unfortunately our weather will not be suitable for awhile. Pittsburgh does not want to clear 60 degree for the next week or so and rain will abound. I plan to pick up another tank project – either finishing Milano (the prudent thing to do) or starting a Berocco Zen tank or such…

Sewickley is a town that still has many independent boutiques (Talbots has been here forever and Lily Pulitzer and Chicos came in recently). In an adorable boutique called Biddle and Biddle, this was a belt in the window. I thought that I might dive into my bead stash to make a similar one. The main body of the belt are striped of material (not sewn on the salvage but also not unraveling). I thought it looked cute over the jean skirt (notice it has unraveled edges).

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