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Tuesday, May 31, 2005  

Today's Fiber News
This weekend really was about the fiber. I went to my second spinning wheel class and in addition to spinning, we learned about preparing fiber. I have carders and picked up more detail about the use of them. I also had a chance to try a flicker; now on the wish list with a spinning wheel, nibby nock (or whatever it is called--I am sure you know what I mean but I am not running downstairs to find the exact terminology).

Sandy talked about being able to prepare a bag of fiber while watching TV shows so I tried it last night. And I managed to go through a grocery bag of Coopsworth that I had obtained in a trade as raw fiber. It then went through 3 baths and 1 rinse. Now I Have Clouds!!! BTW--I am blogging from home and using a new photo editor. While it is fun; I am not yet proficient in all of its tools.

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