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Tuesday, June 07, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

I completed my third and final spinning class on Saturday. This is my teacher, Sandy, demonstrating how to ply yarn. We each took a turn and I did well. Two ply on the wheel is easier than one ply. The difficult part is the math that comes before. Sandy had done the math so all I had to do was count to six, let the wheel draw in the 2-ply and draw out another length. Next time, I will have to calculate the count myself.

I feel in love with some of Sandy’s homespun, especially this Wensleydale. It was a shiny, lofty but heavy fiber. Plus the colors were great. I have already ordered some Wensleydale roving from E-bay.

One of the girls at Yarns Unlimited kool-aid dyed the roving used in class. Her eye for color is terrific, so I plan to use this photo for color inspiration!

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