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Monday, June 13, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Last Saturday I brought home my Ashford Traveller---in the box---in pieces. Lucky for me Mick helped (he really wanted to customize the spokes of the wheel with teeth marks) and Bowie supervised.

Mick thinks it is a big toy that moves and can be batted with his paw. That night Mark opened a bottle of New Zealand white wine to help me celebrate the arrival of my wheel; yet to be named. I wonder if anyone else has been moved to name his/her spinning wheel?

In any case, I put the wheel together myself. Mark was itching to help, but I felt it was very important that I know the wheel intimately. I must say she spins very smoothly. My hard wood floors gave me a problem with sliding, but a rug stabilized the legs. For now, it is all about the spinning...

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