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Tuesday, June 28, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

My knitting bag has five (5) WIPs in it! And I would like to cast on one more! Plus I finished spinning my Wensleydale, set the twist and it is drying. I know I will want to put it into balls immediately and begin knitting! Branching Out from my homespun has progressed. I am still nursing it along because it is the zen of knitting…I do not want this piece to finish cause this feeling may never be the same.

Last Thursday, I made an awesome opportunity and went to Sewickley for the day…the cell phone was off…the husband had no clue…voice mail picked up at work…life was very, very good. The knitting lounge at Y.U. is my home away from home…it is like a vacation, a spa and a retreat rolled into one. Since I spent the afternoon there, it also allowed me to mull over the sale yarns. I added the following to the stash:
• 2 skeins of Landgraf Homespun by Stahl Wolle for a capelet like Janes (except mine will have to be solid and hers is multi-colored—plus I do not have a neat button…yet).
• 13 balls of MatchMaker Merino 4 ply by Jaeger in a periwinkle color (blue-lavendar) for an yet to be determined project.
• 1 large ball of Le Doux Mohair Super Kid fiber in a true blue (for the lace scarf picture above right).
• 9 balls of Cleckheaton Nature Angora/Silk 8 ply in a blue-gray which is for Elspeth from Rowan 37 (back pictured above left).
The kicker is that all of this lovely, yummy yarn was less than $100. In the words of the immortal Wilma & Betty, “CHARGE IT!!!”

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