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Monday, June 20, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

This is a pile of fuzzy chenille that used to be loose ends on Jane’s vest. Now they are eyeballing the tomato…

Last week, I finished this summer bag of Mission Falls 1824 cotton leftovers. It is sitting on the table at our local coffee shop, Beechers. I have another bag of MF leftovers to do one more bag. I am also going to crochet matching chokers and/or flower pins to coordinate.

Yesterday, while Mark was with his family for Father’s Day, I sat on our screened in porch with Aggie (my Ashford Traveller). We worked on the Wensleydale and had an AH-HA moment. The secret to spinning quickly AND at with an even twist is in the PRE-drafting. I spent probably more time pre-drafting than I did spinning. This made the roving ready to spin to the point it barely needed drafted. A very zen moment in my spinning career. (This may not be a big thing to experiences spinners but it definately put me further ahead in my spinning evolution.) I have about 100 yards here and will end up with 300 plus. As the color did not have a name, I decided it looked like the end of a sunset on the Carribean so it is a color now known as “Antigua Sunset”. (Mark and I went to Half Moon Bay resort there like 12 years ago. We tried to go back twice but it had been hit by hurricanes both awesome place.) Eventually when I find a lace pattern to suit, it will become a scarf-shawl thingie.

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