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Tuesday, June 14, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

This is a single (ply) that I completed by drop spinning. It is hand dyed Corriedale top in a color I named forest camouflage.

After setting the twist, it is a perfectly balanced yarn. Since I have roughly 200 yards, I plan to make Branching Out scarf from it. Somehow the green lush colors match this lace scarf pattern.
This will probably be the last drop spun yarn I complete for a long, long time. The spinning wheel is a thousands times faster. Since Saturday, I filled two bobbins, the equivalent of about four drop spindles. Normally it would take me a month or two to drop spin the same amount. I am not forsaking drop spinning. If anything, I think I will drop-spin in public or out and about more often. But sitting on the couch at home, it will be all about the wheel. I am still thinking about what to name her…I think that, like ships, spinning wheels are feminine. This is the next yarn up for spinning, 8 ounces of Wensleydale combed wool top from Winderwood Farms, Naples, NY.

On another note, you will notice that my template has had an overdue, much needed update. It could stand a little more work…but that is for later. Right now, I think the summer of lace concept fits with what I am doing on my own (I like the button although I did not bother with the yahoo group).

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