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Friday, June 10, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Tomorrow is a land mark day – for me, at least. I am going to go pick-up my
Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel
. I am going to Chicora, PA; this is about a one hour ride. The dealer I was referred to through my local guild (even though I am not a member…yet) gave me a ten percent discount. So my price, even with PA taxes, is under $400. The only problem with the guild is they meet on Tuesday mornings the first of each month when I am at work. I would like to take a day off to at least go once to meet people and spin with others.

There are some dates that are big in fiber arts, when you first learn to knit, to drop spin, began to blog…buy your first spinning wheel… I will have to have a birthday party for the wheel--which needs a name?--each year. Speaking of big dates, Mark and I celebrate sixteen years of marriage (actually twenty years under the same roof) on June 17th.

Of course this investment will only lead to expenses. I already have an antique skein winder and a niddy noddy, as well as an umbrella and yarn winder set-up. However, here is the wish list I have started already (in my order of planned purchasing):
• a maintenance kit (non staining oil, threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, conrod connector, brake and drive bands)
• material to make my own cover-carry case
• at least three to six extra bobbins
• which leads to a lazy kate to hold them
• a jumbo flyer kit (to spin really thick, chunky yarn)
• a lace flyer kit (for ultra fine yarn)
• perhaps someday, I may want to convert to double drive (my wheel is single with double treadle)

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