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Wednesday, July 20, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

I am gearing up to make the socklets that I mentioned. I thought cotton sock (Crazy Cotton—love the name) yarn would be better than wool; since these will be worn with flip flops. I have to check out my DPNs – I am not sure if I have any from size 0 to 3; although I may have zeroes that Karen gave me.

Last night was CranKnitters @ S & B. We had a nice turnout. Linda is heading down the home stretch on her crochet Coming Home poncho. Jane had two toddler size CH ponchos but her photo did not turn out as well as Linda’s did. And friends do not post less than flattering pics of friends. (Linda told me to crop her and just show the poncho but I think her snap shot is nice!)

My husband took a photo before I went to work to show the TSW (two skein wonder) but he does not know how to zoom in…but it is still a pretty shot.

BTW – My squawkbox comments are down as is their website. Does anyone know what is up? Since this is a paid subscription, I am annoyed although I think it expires in August. I plan to switch to the blogger comments that come with my hosting service, but I would like to retrieve all of my comment files for my records first. Please email me if you have a scoop…

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