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Monday, July 18, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

I finished the One Skein Wonder in six days; it is made of Stahl Wolle’s Landgraf Homespun.

It will go over this sundress to my office on a hot day with sandles in the same shade of clay. My OSW actually took more than one skein, but the devil is in the details. Thank goodness I made it bigger than my shoulder blades called for as this pattern is snug; probably in the effort to keep it named as is. I probably could have even gone up two sizes. Have you ever tried to measure your own shoulder blades? It is impossible.

My homespun bears a close resemblance to the Landgraf. It is Blue Faced Leceister, a dream to spin. I plan to dye it and am waiting for my acid dyes to arrive. Mark asked me why I was not sewing the button on his shorts or hemming the two pairs of new pants waiting to be worn…what can I say? Spinning is a compulsion and sewing is not…
Mick understands as only a cat can...

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