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Thursday, July 07, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Knitting socks is not my “thang” but these are must-knits: Short Toed Socklets . I have about 2 dozen rubber flip flops (also known as zores in my neck of the woods – not sure of spelling).

I plan to work on Elspeth and try to be working the trim by the weekend. The two front pieces are tiny, so they should go fast. Everyone loved the angora-silk yarn and the color (that matched my eyes, so they said).

This is the new addition to the fiber arts family: a steamer, courtesy of a Sears gift certificate. There was a small indentation on our dishwasher (the old one passed at 13 yrs. of age). Mark, having learned from the masters of professional complaining – Jmy friend Joan (taught me how when she finagled a $700 dinner for four in NYC); I obtained $100 + in services in DC from our hotel and Mark obtained $55 from Sears! Note: there must be a legitimate grievance and the case must be well documented/stated. But it never hurts to ask nicely.

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