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Wednesday, August 03, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

I have made plans for a weekend get-away with Mark in September. It is conveniently scheduled around SheepFest 2005 at Weatherbury Farm in Avella (Washington County) which is south of Pittsburgh. We are staying Friday night at the Century Inn in Scenery Hill in the Chief Blackhawk Room. We have been there for dinner twice before, once in the dining room and once for a private party. It is a beautiful place. It is the weekend of Mark’s birthday (September 12th) and will be a four-day weekend for me. That is two in a row, along with Labor Day weekend the previous week! I also plan to go to the Saxonburg art/craft festival that Sunday (it runs Saturday/Sunday, I believe).

I plan to wear a tee that says “Knit by Nora”, so if I do not know you and if you decide to hit the SheepFest, please say “hi”. Although this event is small, many of the fiber arts are represented and since it is not overly crowded, you have a lot of one-on-one interaction with the vendors. Some vendors, we easily spent 30 or more minutes with. And there was a man weaving rag rugs on a large loom and another that was a carver. Your significant other will not feel out of place and the vending is mostly home made treats; so plan to feed him! I really recommend this local event.

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