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Wednesday, August 31, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Nuts! Nuts? One thing leads to another and right now is the time to…Dye with nuts (the shells actually). At the Three Rivers Guild, the suggestion by the speaker to first time dyers: use a natural dye such as onion skins or walnuts. A bit less dangerous than chemicals as mordants (binds the dye to the yarn making it last) are not required.

My mother said these are walnuts, but her neighbor thought they were hickory nuts. I could go look at the trees and id using a tree book. But I think I will just go ahead and have my science experiment!

There has been knitting: a finished shawl-scarf of Fiesta Yarns gelato and at this moment, a smoke ring/wimple of Koigu KPPPM…no photos, yet. And still no photo of Milano; maybe tonight...I am heading to Beechers to met a couple of the girls. Better than has been a shitty, crappy, lousy, not-so-hot weekend and week.

posted by Nora | 4:00 PM
Good tip, thanks. I look forward to seeing your yarn after it has been nutted!
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