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Thursday, August 18, 2005  

Today's Fiber News

Pattern: Elspeth
Book: Rowan Magazine #37
Yarn: Cleckheaton Nature Angora/Silk 8 ply ($3.00 per skein x 9 skeins = $27)
Started: June 28, 2005
Finished: August 15, 2005
While there are no errors in this pattern, it is NOT well written. Use excel or graph paper to create your own chart since there is only a 12 row repeat with none of the shaping. Also, the picot crochet trim states DC (double crochet). This is an English pattern, which means double crochet in England is a single crochet to U.S. knitters. There are many little hidden challenges, so I suggest goggling “Rowan Elspeth” for everyone who has knitted her before.

Just like Jennifer at Xtreme-Knitting, , I made the extra small size of Elspeth and find her slightly large. I may try a slight shrink job since she is angora and silk. But I am still happy at the finished results, although the shaping does not seem the same as the photo in Rowan #37. I will try a modeled shot over the weekend since I snapped these pics before work.

Also up for sale today:
OTT-Lite TrueColor Portable Task Lamp and new replacement bulb.
Original price: $69.99 (best sale price is $48.99) and $19.99
My price for both: $50.00

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