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Friday, September 23, 2005  

Today's Fiber News

Tonight is FRIDAY NIGHT FELTING --- these bags have been through the washer and are now molded and drying. Since they are not pretty yet, I will just wait to show an after shot when they are dry and have "hair cuts". More felting is to come -- three of the bags were knit by me and the other two by Jane!

This is a scarf with tassles (for me) made of Fiesta Yarns Gelatto. The card board Picard resides in the office next to me (a computer dude). Although I find Jean Luc very hot, especially drapped in yarn...of course, I also like Sean Connery and Vin Diesel. Mark does not understand the attraction of bald guys. Of course, Mark has nicer hair than I do, so that is understandable.

I finished the simple garter stitch shawl from the book, Shawls and Scarves, I is the easiest pattern in the book with a simple yarnover eight stitches from each edge. But since it is a house warming gift for a woman I have not yet met...I think it is a good pattern. There are more complicated patterns that I would do, but only for family, friends or self.

I dyed some homespun yarn using the "poke berries". Never again...I do not think I will follow through on the walnuts even...the smell was not good although it could have been worse. I do not have an outdoor Coleman stove or a stove anywhere but my kitchen. Thank goodness my dye pot has a lid. The yarn is drying (is everything wet around here?). Next I will try commercial dyes. I will show the resulting yarn soon; it is pretty vivid. At this time, I have not formed a strong opinion about the yarn, but it has been a long week...bye for now!

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You have been busy! Well, I still look forward to seeing what the yarn looks like.
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