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Wednesday, September 14, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

I have not been in a blogging mood of late. SheepFest, held Saturday and Sunday, September 10th & 11th was somewhat of a let down as there were about 60% less vendors this year. Missing in Action: the Spinning Guild, the two dyers, my bunny lady and a couple of others. Plus the food vendor did not have the apple dumplings that were the best last year!

On the up side, it was a beautiful day and the eight vendors there were very great people. And I did make purchases (I will chronicle in the next couple days, honest)! There were two vendors of note. The problem was the festival was the first of August last year (summer) and well, mid-September is back-to-school time.

But for now, I want to mention the other part of my weekend activities, hiking on the 47.5 mile long Montour Trail, south of Pittsburgh. Note! Mark and I only went 6 miles on foot; this is actually a better bike trail, being a reclaimed railroad bed (cleared and flat). The neatest part was the old tunnel and unlike other tunnels, it was not straight. When we went into it, we could not see the other end until we rounded a bend. Definitely a neat place.

Pittsburgh Secret Pals is up and running. I have never done the SP ut in blog land, but thought a local session would be more fun. This way, we can have a Secret Pals party (are you reading Jane?).

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