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Thursday, October 06, 2005  

Today’s Fiber News

Last night at Barnes & Noble, the new event coordinator, Amanda, put up a reserved sign. She also arranged chairs and pulled books for our group. She is new and very enthusiastic. Also enthused is Linda (non-glittery Linda) who went to town on making stitch markers. She has awesome beads and is tempting me to buy some more!

At lunch, I ran to Yarns Unlimited to stress relief. They are stocked! And more is rolling in…the holiday knitting season is upon us. I found the most perfect gift for my secret pal and cannot wait for three weeks to go by (I just put a package in the mail this week). It is something she wanted but is not the norm for yarn stores. Sandy (spinning Sandy) pulled out two show boxes with a very small selection of special yarns that would take a special person to appreciate. I am sooo excited about my find and it is not even for me.

I picked up a couple of Koigu patterns, one for the patch of berries scarf and Take Along Koigu scarves. I want to make a light weight scarf for my winter coat for when I do not need the heavy scarf/hat combo I knit earlier for major bad weather. The scarf above is in the window, but I was looking at the design elements in it…it is not a triangle but an odd shape and I liked the placements of the yarn-overs – the middle is typical but one or two stitches from the edge is not. They are selling the silk flower pins but I did not pick one up. Tomorrow I will show you what I did pick up to fasten shawls.

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